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Have you seen an eye catching product but don’t know if it’s worth buying? Check it out here. From the packaging, swatches, smell, and effectivity, name it, I got it all covered. Read my product reviews and decide what’s the best for you.

Get that Look

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Are you going on a special event and don’t know what makeup you should wear? Browse through my tutorials and learn makeup looks that will surely turn the heads of your admirers. Plus get tons of tricks & techniques that will bring out the makeup artist in you.

Beauty 101

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Don’t sweat on beauty stuff. Tame your frizzy hair, prevent your breakouts from coming back, and fix your broken lipstick by trying the tips and do-it-yourself projects I have in store here.

(Send your beauty problems and I will dedicate a blog post for you.)

The Blogger

The Beauty Blogger

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She’s a graduate of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management. A website moderator, ex-college instructor. A tough cookie who enjoys being independent, easy going, witty and spontaneous. She loves to talk about beauty and her new finds. A make-up artist in the making.

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